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«Trecol» includes two directions: scientific: we are developing a low pressure tires and simulate the optimal design of all-terrain vehicles production: we produce all-terrain vehicles and tires own development and their subsequent implementation. So, that experts Trekol discovered and substantiated the principle, which is based on the production of wheeled all-terrain vehicles in Russia - the principle of the relationship of the total volume of tires to the weight of the vehicle for maximum produce ATV tires and own development and their subsequent implementation.

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RPC TREKOL LLC is a research and production company which main activity is development and production of extra-low pressure tires and wheels for such tires as well as all-terrain vehicles equipped with such tires.

Founded more than 20 years ago, today TREKOL manufactures unique all-terrain vehicles with extra-low pressure tires which are 100% certified and have no equivalents neither in Russia nor abroad.

The design features of these all-terrain vehicles are protected by seventeen patents of the Russian Federation, Canada and United States of America.

One of the important elements of all-terrain vehicles manufactured by TREKOL is tubeless extra-low pressure tires that were developed, manufactured and patented by the employees of the company. Thanks to their elasticity, large volume and extra-low internal pressure, those tires provide for even pressure to the soil which allows transport vehicles equipped with such tires to easily move on snow unbroken soil, swamped shortgrass meadows, drift sands and water barriers (all-terrain vehicles, marsh buggies and snow marsh buggies). Those one-of-a-kind tires passed all required factory tests and have conformance certificates, which guarantees their reliability and operational safety. That is why their quality cannot be attained by numerous counterfeit products represented on the market of extra-low pressure tires.

During years of continuous work, TREKOL company has gained wide experience and became highly appreciated by not only national but foreign specialists in the field of development and manufacturing of special-purpose vehicles for work in extreme conditions.

TREKOL company has developed the main principle of manufacturing of all-terrain vehicles with extra-low pressure tires which is: the ratio between the cumulative volume of tires and the vehicle weight. This principle forms the basis for all all-terrain vehicles equipped with extra-low pressure tires manufactured in Russia today (Arctictrans, Predator, Project, Amphibia, Bronto, VISA, Petrovich). All those designs feature the principle developed by the research and production company TREKOL.

TREKOL company is very attentive towards its products. It controls and tries to consider all requirements to all-terrain and off-road vehicles that are expressed by consumers.

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